Now located in Kansas City, Kansas. Janine is a wife and mother to four incredibly smart children. A minister, life coach, and public speaker, and a survivor of teen sex trafficking and domestic abuse.

Her story about human trafficking is unique. For years when telling her story she often stated, "I used to prostitute myself" when describing her experience to others. It wasn't until she spoke with two amazing survivors when they gave her a whole new perspective. While telling her story, they stated, "You were trafficked." YOU did NOT prostitute herself! As she came to terms with this new found perspective, her world was shaken and a passion to save other girls and women motivated her to the core. Through the years she continued to seek guidance and support from other strong survivors and healing from the years of abuse and torment.

Janine helped found The Entertainment Industry Chaplains in 2004 where they provide chaplaincy to artists and actors all over the world. During this time, she built relationships with other survivors of sex trafficking, drug abuse and domestic violence, among other things, and continues to do so today.

Currently, she is a Case Manager with Restoration House of Greater Kansas City and a public speaker speaking out on the topic of commercial sex trafficking.

Janine is in the midst of writing a book about her story with hopes of completing it by the end of 2015. She is also hard at work developing an organization that will take a unique approach to go in to the schools to share what sex trafficking looks like through their eyes.

Janine is a teacher/trainer at heart. Through her years of experience in the public, private, and religious sectors she has provided company orientations, trainings and workshops on many topics including but not limited to: Human Trafficking Awareness, Couples Counseling and Coaching (teens through adult), Generational Welfare Mindset, How to Laugh, various Bible topics, Worship Workshops and many more. She desires to see people equipped to walk in their calling, encouraged and sent out.

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